Product Thinking Questions

Product Thinking Questions


Product thinking ensures core concepts are carried throughout the design process. These cards focus on the strategy behind a product design. Digging into the problem to be solved, goals to be met, and metrics that determine success.

Use these questions at any point while designing, though particularly when determining what you should be designing in the first place.

Great for use in design critiques, design interviews, or on your own. Ideal as part of a rigorous design process. These cards were carefully crafted by Shape. The questions on each card are the same ones we use in our daily design work at companies like Facebook, Lyft, Atlassian, Intercom, and Udacity.

52 cards
100% fine plastic coating
Colorful box for easy portability

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Shreya Rajani Mody

“I got all of these card decks from Shape and then my manager insisted we should have copies for the entire team!”

—Shreya Rajani Mody, Product Designer at Clumio